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National Issues

Protecting Abortion RightsEugene Vindman for Congress

This past election in 2023 demonstrated that Virginians will not stand for their reproductive freedoms being taken away. I cannot imagine my daughter growing up in a world where women have fewer rights than the one that my wife and I grew up in. The bottom line is Donald Trump appointed justices to the Supreme Court who overturned Roe V. Wade, and if he is elected president a national ban could be enacted. We need someone with experience standing up to Trump to protect abortion rights in VA.

In Congress, I will stand up to MAGA Republicans and protect a woman’s right to an abortion. These MAGA Republicans won’t just stop with just abortion. They’ve already promised to ban forms of birth control and fertility like IVF – and they want access to women’s private medical records to do it.

Preserving Democracy

When my brother and I blew the whistle on President Trump after he attempted to extort President Zelenskyy in Ukraine into investigating his political rival, we knew we were sacrificing our military career but we knew it was the right thing to do. Preserving Democracy in the face of Authoritarian leadership whether at home or abroad. Whether it’s Donald Trump using the office of the presidency for political retaliation or Vladimir Putin’s illegal war that he’s waging in Ukraine, I will always stand for the people and stand for Democracy.

Passing Gun Safety LegislationEugene Vindman for Congress

From Virginia Tech to Virginia Beach, Virginia has experienced terrible mass shootings. It’s crucial that our kids feel safe in their schools, and that we can go into our places of worship and not feel susceptible to gun violence.

As a father I know this firsthand – when my son was in High School he had to go into lockdown because of a gun found at his school, like any parent my mind immediately went to the worst-case scenario. Thankfully no child was harmed that day, but we find too often that isn't the case.

That’s why it’s time to pass universal background checks; close the gun show loophole; institute red flag laws nationally; and require training, certification, licensing, and safe storage requirements nationally.

As a Veteran, I learned to use, and respect my weapon – that is why I know weapons of war have no place on our streets. We can come together to pass common-sense legislation that will keep our communities and children safe.

LGBT Rights

I am proud to be an ally for LGBT rights. Part of our nation’s creed is commitment to equality for all under the law. If we are not protecting those among us who have historically been most vulnerable, we are not being true to fundamental values. I am committed to ensuring that all Americans are treated with dignity and respect.

Addressing Immigration

My father came to America with less than $800 bucks in his pocket and was able to create a good life for myself and my brothers. We achieved the success we know today thanks to him. I believe that immigration has always been a strength for this nation and my story is a good example of this. For too long politicians in Washington have passed the buck, and that stops now. We need fair, safe and strong immigration reforms.

Support For Ukraine

This issue is deeply personal to me not just because of my heritage but because of my life’s work to protect our own national security. Our nation must do much more to support Ukraine in Russia’s illegal war, and we must also continue to denounce the human rights atrocities that are being committed by the Russians. This support means financial and military resources. If we let up, Putin wins. It’s that simple. Russia must be defeated to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity and re-establish a rules-based order which will dissuade other autocrats from attacking their weaker neighbors. Ultimately, this is about keeping U.S. armed forces from having to be boots on the ground in Europe, Asia or elsewhere down the road.

My Opinion Story from USA Today on Necessity to Support Ukraine’s ongoing Efforts

People Powered Campaign

Eugene Vindman for Congress

As one of the couple of candidates in northern Virginia in this election who has not taken Corporate PAC money, my grassroots funded campaign continues its strong momentum to Election Day victory. My campaign is first and foremost people powered and I'm proud to have also sworn off funding from utilities companies including Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power as well as others such as big oil and coal. We need to put our democracy back in the hands of people.

Local Issues


In Northern and Central Virginia Agriculture is a critical issue. Farmers throughout the region are not only pivotal to our local economies but they also keep our communities fed. Agriculture is also important in the non-rural, urban and exurban portion of VA-07, where local residents rely on nutritional assistance stewarded by their member of congress. Therefore, I will be a consistent advocate in Congress for family farms that produce crops and maintain livestock, and I will work with local officials on conservation and open space preservation.

Expanding Access to Rural Broadband

In our modern society, individual and community access to broadband is an absolute necessity. It is critical that our federal representation steps in, learns from individual communities what their needs are, and then delivers for them in Washington through continued investment in infrastructure. It’s about tackling the digital divide and ensuring our rural communities can participate in our 21st century economy.

Combatting Book BansEugene Vindman for Congress

From Spotsylvania to Madison and King George, Virginia families are dealing with the rising threat of MAGA extremists on school boards who are actively banning books on the holocaust and slavery to satisfy a false flag political agenda with an authoritarian bent. As the next Congressman from this area, I will work tirelessly with localities to ensure that my time in office is a threat to extremism everywhere.

Innovation and Emerging Technology

For more than a hundred years America has been at the forefront of technological change. These emerging fields bring fantastic opportunities but without proper regulation can bring significant risk. We need an approach that allows American innovation to flourish but protects consumers and business and makes clear what the rules are. These technologies also have significant implications for national security. Policy Makers need to be cognizant of these implications.

Blockchain and Crypto Technologies

The idea of the blockchain solves a really important problem in the digital and physical economy- trust. An immutable public ledger has already shown itself to be a valuable technology in areas ranging from shipping around the world all the way down to a new way of doing finance.

Generative AI

AI has the potential to fuel our economic growth for the coming decades but also presents a host of potential downsides from classroom cheating all the way up to job loss and significant economic and political disruption. Like any technology it can be used for good or bad objectives. It is important that Congress and regulators create an environment that allows for innovation to flourish while also having clear rules for the road and ensuring strong consumer protections to prevent this technology from being abused.